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Multi-site licence 

For organisations with five or more sites

If you run a larger business or organisation that has five or more sites, we offer a group licensing service to help you manage your music licensing needs.

Benefits include:

  1. Single account number – you only have one account number to remember for all sites
  2. Single point of contact – dedicated account manager to help you through the licence renewal process
  3. One renewal date  - renewal dates for each site licence can be aligned so they are all renew at the same time
  4. Tailored invoicing options to suit your business

Setting up your multi-site licence

  1. Call us on 0800 068 4828 to discuss your music licensing needs
  2. We’ll send you a form to complete, detailing how you use music
  3. On receipt of this form, we will send you an invoice

Renewing a multi-site licence

  • Your licence is renewed annually.
  • We recommend you keep a record of how you use music throughout the year across all sites.
  • Before your renewal date, your account manager will send you a form to complete, detailing how music has been used over the year.  You can also add any new premises you may have acquired.  Your licence fee will be calculated based on the details you give.

Existing customers

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