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Music licensing at outdoor events 

The public performance of PRS for Music’s repertoire requires a licence to be in place prior to use. Events such as carnivals, fireworks displays, Christmas markets, Christmas lights switch-on events, dance displays, authorised busking and live music performances all need to be covered by an appropriate licence if they use music from the PRS for Music repertoire.

While we appreciate that the vast majority of promoters act in good faith and take out the appropriate licences, there have been instances where event promoters have failed to fulfil this requirement. This has, in some cases, resulted in the local authority being found liable to cover costs of licensing these third party events at a later date. Therefore we propose the following three scenarios:

Outdoor Events organised by Local Authorities

Outdoor events that are organised, promoted and executed by the local authority, will be licensed directly to the local authority and should continue to be declared during the annual review of their PRS for Music licence.

Outdoor Events Organised by Third Parties

The following two options are available to local authorities for outdoor events that are organised and executed by third parties, but take place on land (e.g. parks, town centres, etc.) that is managed by a local authority:

1. Option One

The local authority can assume responsibility for covering all or some third party events on their own PRS for Music licence.

2. Option Two

PRS for Music can license the event promoter directly.  However, this option will require the following steps to be taken for each event:

a. Notify PRS for Music prior to the event taking place. The notification needs to be received as soon as the local authority have confirmed that the outdoor event has been granted permissions to take place (e.g. when a Temporary Event Notice or equivalent has been granted).

b. The PRS for Music third party event notice form has to be completed, with details of the planned event and contact details for the third party organiser (telephone number and email address).

Fill out the form to enquire.

Please note that this policy relates only to outdoor events. Events within a fixed premises will continue to be licensed to the body responsible for the premises.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact your PRS for Music account manager to discuss this further.

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