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Why do you need a licence?


What is PRS for Music?

PRS for Music is the home of PRS and MCPS, representing the rights of over 100,000 members in the UK. We license organisations to play, perform or make available copyright music on behalf of our members and those of overseas societies, distributing the royalties to them fairly and efficiently. We promote and protect the value of copyright.


Why do you need a licence?

If you play music in your business or want to include it in your product you need clearance to do so from the owners of that music. PRS for Music and MCPS represent the owners and can get you the clearances you need. We are a not-for-profit organisation, enabling you access to the world's music in the most efficient way.


Where does the money come from?

Money is due to PRS for Music for any public performance of music, whether live or recorded, and from radio and television broadcasts and online. 


MCPS generates money through licence fees from the recording of our members’ music on many different formats, including CDs and DVDs. 


Where does the money go?

PRS for Music and MCPS pay money collected to their writer, composer and music publisher members. Both organisations are ‘not for profit’ and only deduct a small administration/commission fee to cover operating costs.


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PLEASE NOTE: On 1 July 2013 the legal entity behind the PRS for Music brand changed its registered name from The MCPS-PRS Alliance Limited to PRS for Music Limited.