Faster broadcast mechanical distributions 

From July 2009, MCPS broadcast payments will be moving from their current annual or bi-annual distributions to a faster, more frequent, quarterly cycle - the same cycle as PRS performing royalties.

This page contains full details about these changes and the transition taking place throughout 2009. These include:

  • Faster and more frequent distributions for MCPS broadcast
  • A bumper year for broadcast revenue in 2009
  • More detailed statements
  • More consistent payment levels throughout the year
  • Importance of registering works ASAP

Please note that no changes are being made to MCPS distribution policy – all line-by-line processing will continue as currently – and PRS sampling policy will have no impact on MCPS members.

Faster cycle for MCPS broadcast

From July 2009, all TV and radio royalties* for MCPS will begin the transition to the cycle below

Distribution month Channels For transmission dates
April All TV (except music TV channels) Sep – Dec (previous year)
All radio (and music TV channels) Oct – Dec (previous year)
All TV and radio Jan – Mar (same year)
All TV & radio April – Jun (same year)
December All TV (except music TV channels) Jul – Aug (same year)
All radio (and music TV channels) Jul – Sep (same year)

*refers to domestic TV and Radio broadcasts. Secondary exploitation usages will remain on current processing timeframes.

Transitional period

The new cycle means that we’re going to be processing and paying out MCPS revenue much sooner after broadcast than we do currently.

Although the new distribution cycle will be in place from July 2009, we will continue to pay out in 2009 for older usages in-between the quarterly distribution months, in order to 'catch-up’ on processing from the existing cycle.

The transition to the new cycle will be completed by December 2009.

2009 Distribution schedule

Click here to view the full 2009 distribution plan for MCPS broadcast. This contains details of:

  • The new MCPS broadcast distribution cycle from July 2009
  • Other payments taking place throughout the year to ‘catch-up’ during the transition

MCPS distributions will be higher in 2009, due to the adjustment in the cycle

As a result of the new cycle and the ‘catch-up’ processing, members may see an increase in overall revenue in 2009.

This does not mean that any more money will be distributed for mechanical usages overall - we're just simply accelerating MCPS payments in 2009 until MCPS has caught up to the new (PRS) cycle.

However, please be aware that once the transition has been completed, your royalty payments will return to normal levels in 2010. In 2010, the new quarterly cycle will be fully implemented.

More detailed statements

From July 2009, members will also see some changes to the broadcast lines on their statements.  Click here for details about MCPS statement changes (including examples).

For distributions on the new MCPS processing cycle, statements will have separate lines for Primetime and Non-Primetime royalty rates by channel.

Statements will also now include a line for 'ILR' (standing for commercial radio).

For more information about how we are improving the accuracy of commercial radio distributions for mechanicals, click here.

More consistent payment levels throughout the year

Another benefit of these changes is in the introduction of ‘fixed point values’ for performances. This will ensure that all performances on a channel in a given year will always be paid at the same rate.

Previously, MCPS bi-annual distributions could result in usages being paid at different rates at different points in the year. These changes will ensure greater consistency for our members.

Importance of registering works ASAP

Because we are now processing data much more quickly after transmission, it is more important than ever that our members register their works with us in a timely manner.

Members should ensure that works are registered as soon as they are created, or if this is not possible then as soon as it is known that a work has been broadcast (within a month).

Failure to do so can result in a mechanical royalty not being paid out for a performance because a work is unregistered.

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