What is Amplify?

Amplify is an electronic music initiative from PRS for Music which is looking to help inform electronic music writers/producers & publishers about our service and ensure they receive the royalties due when their tracks are played, performed or reproduced. 

Why should I join PRS for Music?

PRS for Music is the UK’s leading collecting society representing the rights of over 125,000 composers, songwriters and music publishers who make up our membership. We help ensure our members are rewarded when their music is played or performed in accordance with our distribution rules.

Producing your own tracks?

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What are the benefits of joining as a dance music producer?

Each time a track on which you have a writer credit is played on radio/TV, streamed/downloaded online or played by a DJ at a festival or club there is potential for you to earn a royalty for that usage if you are a PRS for Music member.  If you’d like to start earning royalties when your dance music is played or performed, view our checklist to find out what to do next.

What are the challenges facing dance music producers to receiving the correct amount of royalties?

Amplify has identified a number of key challenges surrounding dance music producers registering their tracks (known as musical works or works) correctly with PRS for Music

Without the correct work registration information being supplied, collecting societies will struggle to match music usage data to the works the writer or publisher members have registered with us. Common mistakes include registering work titles that are not exactly the same as the track title on the release. Also, if a track is released under a DJ or production name, these names (known as pseudonyms) should be registered with PRS for Music and quoted when registering the work with us. These sorts of mistakes can lead to errors or delays when payments are made.

So if you are already a writer member, please advise us of any pseudonyms you use and, when registering works remember to state the relevant pseudonym. Also, ensure you register any remix titles as alternate titles on your works. Click here for more information.

DJs should submit their own set lists for performances at UK clubs or festivals to PRS for Music. This enables us to correctly distribute royalties to the music creators.

What is Amplify doing to help dance music producers?

We are in the process of evaluating the current technology solutions available to report set list information from clubs and festival performances with a view to improving the accuracy of our distributions in this area.

We are also seeking to increase awareness of PRS for Music and music rights within the Electronic Music scene through our involvement at various UK Dance Music conferences and educational events.

Which artists are working with PRS for Music?

Many notable industry figures such as John Truelove (Truelove Music & producer ‘You Got the Love’), Anglo Management, Hospital Records, Defected Records, Reverb Music and AIM (the Association of Independent Music) are involved in the initiative.

PRS for Music member Mark Knight of Toolroom Records said: 'It is great that PRS for Music recognises that electronic music writers should be paid for their work - just like everyone else. I am looking forward to seeing more getting the credit they deserve.'

Any questions?

If you have any Amplify-specific questions or suggestions please contact us at - Amplify@prsformusic.com

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