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Joining Us FAQs
Benefits of Membership

Join PRS as a writer 

What to do next

Step 1

Have your debit/credit card, your passport/birth certificate/driving licence and read our key documents

Step 2

Complete the online application form

Step 3

Print and sign the form. Post it to us with a copy of your ID

Membership fee: £100

inc VAT

Please note, you need to print out the application form, sign it and post it to us. This grants us legal permission to collect royalties on your behalf.

Join now

We’ll email you once we’ve processed your application and will attach a copy of your application form for your records. Your fee will be refunded if you don’t meet PRS membership criteria. Please note, we can only complete your membership or make a refund once we’ve received your signed application form and proof of ID.

Key documents

Please read these important documents before applying to join PRS, which set out your rights as a member and our admin fees

Additional info

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