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Who are PRS for Music? 

PRS for Music (UK) and SACEM (France) are two of the world’s best music rights organisations. We help businesses get access to the music they want to use and create a future for music by supporting music creators.

We are membership music organisations who together represent over 240,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers throughout the world. In 2012 PRS for Music and SACEM collected over $2 billion for their songwriter, composer and publisher members.

We are part of a global network that can provide Gulf State businesses with simple access to the world’s best music including Arabic, English, American, French, Indian and many others.

We have a long history of helping our clients to access music. We will use our experienced and professional approach to help Gulf State businesses benefit from similar legitimate access - important for attracting international media businesses to the region. 

PRS for Music and SACEM are committed to creating a future for music by supporting music creators throughout the world.

Whatever your music needs, we’ll make things as fast and effortless as we can for you. Learn about the benefits of licensing with us.


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