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News and features 

    PRS for Music action on copyright

    Independent Code Review 2014

    PRS for Music seeks to set the standard for high quality service and has a code of conduct to reinforce its commitment to standards.  We’ve worked with other UK collective management organisations (CMOs) and the British Copyright Council (BCC) to put in place an Independent Code Review, as part of the self-regulatory process.

    The Independent Code Review will ascertain whether or not the British Copyright Council Principles remain fit for purpose and that UK CMO’s respective codes are compliant with the BCC Principles.

    Find out more about the Independent Code Review.

    Distribution committee updates

    You can view here all the latest updates from the Distribution Committee meetings including the decisions made by the committee’s board members as well as all topics for future meetings.

    This area will be updated after every committee meeting. These meetings take place every two months.

    PRS for Music consultation

    We are introducing improvements to our service using Richard Hooper’s recommendations from his review of PRS for Music. Richard Hooper CBE was appointed to lead an independent review on the role of PRS for Music. Hooper carried out the review in 2013 following consultation with our members. He met with 57 writer and publisher members of PRS and MCPS to discuss a wide range of topics, from licensing to distribution policy, governance to public affairs.

    Following the consultation, he submitted a series of recommendations to the PRS Board. After the Board’s consideration, we are reviewing a number of projects over the coming year, including:

    • Introducing specialist account managers for classical and production music.
    • Reviewing the effectiveness of analogies used for the distribution of public performance revenue and considering the extent to which music recognition technology can help.
    • Continuing to drive improvements in data quality and standards throughout the music eco-system.
    • Investigating options for more accurate audience tracking for TV distributions, such as additional time of day bands, or programme-level audience weighting.
    • Improving PRS for Music’s web presence.

    Work is underway on these projects and you will be informed of any further changes in due course.

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