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Post royalty payment queries

Members may have queries about royalty payments and statements following a PRS or MCPS royalty payment. In the first instance, they should visit our Online Query Assistant to see it can resolve the issue. If the query is not answered using this method, Members can raise a query online or contact Member Services.

The Membership Service Level Agreement

  • We aim to acknowledge or answer service requests from members within two working days. An explanation is sent to the member if a complete answer is not possible during that time.
  • The member will then be updated as progress is made, or as required by any specific deadlines or timescales agreed with the member directly
  • In all your dealings with PRS for Music (PRS and MCPS), you can expect our staff to be courteous and professional

PRS for Music Complaints Procedure

Your membership is important to us. We aim to ensure that your interaction with us is a good experience. We have developed standard procedures, policies, rules and regulations which govern your membership with us and which have been established for the benefit of the membership as a whole. We aim to apply these fairly and consistently. Occasionally things can go wrong, which is regrettable. In such instances, members can turn to the PRS for Music complaints procedure. We take all complaints very seriously and view these as a means to better understand and improve our service to you.

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