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Head of Comms, Marketing and Communications

Andy Hind

How did you come to work at PRS?

I always had an idea that music was going to be my chosen career however once it became clear my skills as a world dominating rockstar were mostly rooted in fantasy, I had to seriously reconsider my direction.

Having studied a business degree with a music specialisation, I was already aware of the work of PRS and MCPS so it was perhaps inevitable that I would look for opportunity here. My plan was to do a couple of years before moving on to the record industry...that was 16 years ago.

I started in the Revenue Assurance team, as a royalty auditor and spent a number of years traveling around the UK working primarily with record labels. A number of roles followed that allowed me to build relationships across the wider organisation and European collection societies which proved invaluable.

After that, I moved over to commercial licensing and was involved in reshaping and developing our Recorded Media division alongside a number of interesting and challenging projects. The last 6 months have seen my role change completely as I was at very short notice, tasked with heading up our Communications team.

Those 16 years working across the business and building my contacts has really helped me make this transition.

What do you most like about working at PRS?

The people here are something else. They are passionate about what they do and have a real desire to do a good job for our members. They are also an immensely talented and musical bunch which makes for a great atmosphere.

What would be your advice to someone starting out in the music industry?

Show the right attitude and be prepared to be flexible in your routes into the industry. This is a dynamic and changing industry and increasingly opportunities appear from unlikely sources.

What is an average day like for you?

From a Communications perspective, it’s all about knowing what is going on! It involves lots of talking to people and reading up on industry news. Sounds obvious but is remarkably tricky. A solid understanding of the current issues and an ability to translate 'complex' into 'simple' makes for effective communications so this is a pretty fundamental part of my role.

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