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Naomi Wallace Asher 

Naomi Wallace Asher

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Naomi moved to the UK in 1999 after completing her BA in Art History and Theatre. After receiving an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from Exeter University in 2000, Naomi worked in the West End before joining forces with her cousins and owners of Wixen Music Publishing, Inc, Randall and Sharon Wixen, to open Wixen Music UK LTD. The UK Company started trading in 2010 and has continued to go from strength to strength.

Wixen Music UK now holds its own with an amazing client base, active in house synch team, and a neighbouring rights division. Wixen also has a non-MCPS division which licenses synchronisations and mechanicals directly for certain writers bypassing blanket licence schemes. Naomi is on the IMPEL Advisory Group as well as the PRS Operational Group and is currently working with Peter Button on a UK adaptation of Randall Wixen’s book, The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing.

Download Naomi's Canvassing Statement

Proposed for appointment by: Accorder Music Publishing Ltd, John Beck, Bucks Music Group Ltd, Carlin Music Corp, Conall Fitzpatrick, Kassner Associated Publishers Ltd, peermusic (UK) Ltd, Gregor Philp, SGO Music Publishing Ltd and Terence Wilson.

Current and recent directorships: Wixen Music UK Ltd.

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