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Copyright licensing is flexible: for all songs registered with us we can license the many and varied ways organisations want to use music: we can provide licences for a one off event or product to a three year agreement, and we can cover music used in a specific venue right up to regional or global use.

Without us, these organisations would have to contact thousands of songwriters, composers and music publishers themselves to get all the permissions they need. Meanwhile, the songwriters, composers and music publishers would have to deal with thousands of requests from music users. We ensure that obtaining permission to the millions of songs and musical compositions in our repertoire is as simple and straightforward as possible for both parties.

Recorded media

We license all physical formats, including CD and DVD, and for music usage on items such as magazine cover-mounts, library music, karaoke and musical toys.


This is our most challenging and dynamic business area and we are constantly changing to keep abreast of the marketplace. Our primary focus is to find licensing solutions that are appropriate to these new digital environments, and we are able to license online and mobile music services in the UK and across Europe.


We currently license hundreds of TV and radio stations in the UK, from the BBC to tiny community radio services. We also offer licences for podcasts, corporate productions, websites, hospital radio and ringtones.

Public performance

Our 350,000 business licensees include some of the world’s best-known entertainment brands, multinationals and small businesses such as hairdressers and cafes. They all use music to bolster their businesses and we work closely with them to make licensing as simple as possible. We offer 40 different licences to reflect the different ways that these customers use music.

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